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Are you facing the following problems?

  • Hand sketching is not friendly to see, price is also low.
  • High cost, low efficiency and not time-efficiency.
  • Traditional design software is hard to use and professinal desinger is hard to hire.
  • Slow design, slow CAD, need lots of designers, high labor cost.
  • Long time to do the measurement on site, the client cannot see the effect there.
  • Quotation took too much time, low efficiency.
  • Sales took loyalty customers away easily.
  • Salesmen's peformance is hard to quantify.
  • Difficult to explore business, can't find target customers effectively, low conversion rate.

Three Features of our products

  • Fast design
    sketch sunhouse model in one minute, get the effect picture in 30 seconds
  • Easy to learn
    convenient to oprerate, even customer service can be a designer.
  • Order effectively
    Design on site helps ordering effectively

EZ 2 Design Introduction

Sunhouse software of Thinkersoft is a front-end integrated store software solution developed in the door & window industry based on the home decoration system. It enables sales to design sunhouse on the mobile devices at customers' site, no matter it's the common slope roof, curved roof, or herringbone roof, pagoda roof, pavilion, all can be easily coped with. It can also be able to interact with the real envrionment, customer can view the products in the scenario, fast and real experience.Anyone can learn to operate easily and directly make design scheme in the system , product quotation shows at a glance. High-end software helps store to sale the products. Increase sales volume by reducing the time wasted by low communication before. It's not only improves working efficiency but most importantly improves the image of the whole company.Through the fool-style house type management function, you can easily draw and save your sketch, and feel the benefit from the real 'one-draw for all' product concept.Through our market module, we can quickly learn about the industry information of local doors and windows and customer suggestions, grasp and lock the source channels of customers accurately, wish you all the success.

Nine major functions of EZ 2 Design

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