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Aluminum Material Caculation software

What is Aluminum Material Caculation software? Aluminum manufacturers provide customers free calculation software, pay for the others' materials, upload your own materials to use for free. These aluminum manufacturers can distribute accounts to their factories, they can use it for free. It helps solve the materials caculation problem.

  • Free cutting and caculating materials and order management
  • Paper oreders are inconvenient to manage and for search
  • It is difficult and time-consuming to calculate the material by traditional
    formula,and the demand for personnel is higher at the same time
  • Simple operation, use the settled materials calculation solution directly
  • Support report printing, easy to check and confirm drawing information and
    order information with terminal customers or dealers

Aluminum Material Caculation and Ordering

The aluminum factories upload other aluminum material calculation plans to the software and meanwhile upload their own products to the software at the same time. Factories with accounts could not only see the calculation plans, but also directly buy aluminum on thesoftware, it helps them solve the marketing problems and quickly improve their sales volume.
Marketing weapon:
1、Once one plan uploaded, all the door and window factories can use, free software distribution, fabulous investment tools.
2、Once matreials calculation problem of doors and windows factories been solved, sales channel been opened up , orders can be done directly and material sales volume been raised is inevitable.
3、Connect orders with warehouse directly solve the inventory management problem.