Windoor CC
Windows department introduction
The windows department was established in November 2017. It mainly focuses on the windows industry, became the pioneer in the 'windows industry software'. Intergrated with different requirements collected from different door and window enterprises, finally developed a set of automatic materials calculation and optimization system.The team particularly developed a rapid drawing and rapid material calculation system, which perfectly solved the high cost of manual CAD drawing and the high error rate of manual material calculation, and provided window enterprises with a set of intelligent material optimization software to connect dealers and manufacturers.
Team introduction
The whole team lead by numbers of professors from well-known universities, such as Tongji university, Jiangnan university, and also professors from Microsoft and ZTE. The chief software architect WenJiang is from IBM's global consulting and service center, serviced customers include the United States and Japan's semiconductor chip manufacturing, also graduated from Shanghai tongji university, major in computer science. In 2013, he started up his business with his classmates, and specialized in developing software solutions for the door and window industry.The whole team led the architecture and development of the doors & windows CC enterprise management software. R&D team believe truth always comes from practice, so they usunally go to the factory and learn from each other. With time goes on, their footprints have already been spread all over the country. With the rich industry experience, and consistant innovation, the whole team aims to develop more practical, easier to use, and more powerful software system to our users.
Customer group
Windows customization industry, aluminum alloy system doors and windows factory, aluminum wood system doors and windows factory, dealers and manufacturers are also applicable;
Case study (partly)
October 2016——OEZER
Develop the customized dealer order system, it helps all the stores across the country to install Windows CC drawing system, and realized the windows design and quotation and order to the factory directly. The work of windows design and quotation is done at the stores side, it greatly improve the efficiency of ordering at the store, and at the same time reduce the factory workload. After using the software, the probability of the factories' ordering is greatly increased.
November 2016——自然风
Develop the customized dealer drawing and ordering system, design can be sent to the factory directly. The factory end realized the Mosaic of the middle frame and angle of strip joint, and the automatic batching calculation algorithm of colored aluminum and two-in-one flat push-pull series is designed. After automatically optimizing the size and color of the material saw, it is sent to the material spraying production management system to realize the tracking and management of spraying production schedule.
January 2017——ODICK
The customized development of the dealer orders to the factory through software drawing. The realization of non-paper confirmation of quotation confirmation, effectively improve the dealer order efficiency, and the customized development of the factory disassembly system production management system, the realization of material caculation of aluminum doors and Windows, aluminum wood doors and Windows and section bar optimization processing and workshop software management.
January 2017——MESSEA
Customized development of doors and Windows CC dealers' drawing system, and ordered to the factory end to complete the automatic dismantling of aluminum and wood composite Windows (suspended and suspended symbiosis, etc.), as well as the optimization of profile processing, production management and other functions.
Conduct training at nanping aluminum, explain how to use the software and how to cooperate with their process, so that our software can gradually penetrate into every position of the customer.
May 2017——FOEN
FOEN & Thinker-software research and development center was established. The combination is of the doors and Windows software developers and industry became the pioneer of the field. Their cooperation developed the casement Windows, enhanced the doors and windows software disassembly algorithm system of lift doors. At the same time, complete the distributors and factory orders process greatly improve the efficiency of ordering. The realization of the automation apart of orders at the factory side, achieve the seamless docking with the original enterprise ERP system.
October 2017——BUCALUS
Custom development dealer order system, dealers can assign window type design and quotation, and directly make orders to the factory through the network. Doors and Windows factory side has realized the system parameters, including flat open system, push and pull system and aluminum wood system, etc. After receiving the orders sent by dealers, direct implementation and dismantling of materials can be made. It realized the profile optimization, production management, and other functions.