Windoor CC

Pain points of the industry

Features and advantages

  • Green hand drawing

    Draw any windows structure in 10 seconds without konwing CAD

  • Fool-style operation

    Fool-style operation of the sunhouse, get the effect picture in 3 minutes

  • Get forms with a single click

    Design sample, quotation, sales contract, all done with one single click

  • Orders check

    Once design solution is not proper, auto remind

  • Factory Joint

    Send to the factory with one single click, cutting the order directly

  • Intelligent management

    Timely check the production progress, financial reconciliation is straightforward

Product Introduction

Store version of doors&windoor CC in Thinkersoft is a front-end integrated store software solution developed in the door & window industry based on the home decoration system. It enables designers to use modularized door & window components at the store end, freely building any doors and Windows, and even all kinds of designs with corners, all in one.
Anyone can learn to operate easily and directly make design scheme in the system , product quotation shows at a glance. High-end software helps store to sale the products. Increase sales volume by reducing the time wasted by low communication before. It's not only improves working efficiency but most importantly improves the image of the whole company.
With the help of the software, store in every concer of the world can be connected with the factory. Orders can be send directly to the manufacturing plant via the Internet, access the factory inquiry without stepping out of home or making a call. All the information is in your control, with a single click, industry nformation is there for you. Through our market module, we can quickly learn about the industry information of local doors and windows and customer suggestions, grasp and lock the source channels of customers accurately, wish you all the success.

Product Functions

2000 Doors & Windows factory, 30000 Stores, 100 materials dealers

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